Passion Overload by Tayluer Streat, GA221 YAAD

Tayluer (R) with other commissioners


The future was so clear just a week ago. It’s funny how everything can change by one encounter. I came to General Assembly knowing that I would love to go to the Naval Academy and become a military officer. At least that’s what I thought; but now my thoughts have been clouded. All the opinions, advice, and experiences that have been shared with me in the past six days are making me think differently. People in my church have always said I would be a great pastor. As a young adult, of course I never even entertained the thought before.

In my experiences at General Assembly, a door may have been opened; waiting for me to take a chance and explore. I never knew the Presbyterian Church was such a dominant figure in the world. I see it in a new light now. I have learned so much more in the past few days than my entire life in the church. Today I was able to meet three chaplains in the military who are ministers in churches. I always thought it was either military life or religious life. Now knowing I don’t have to choose between my faith and what I desire to become, my heart rests assured.

As a YAAD (Young Adult Advisory Delegate), I have met so many people whose passion in their hearts is so strong. Meeting people who have the same beliefs and goals in life is refreshing and encouraging. All of the YAADs have this desire to be part of the world and church to make them the best they can be. So far the Commissioners have seen the excitement in the youth that generates enthusiasm in the committee meetings. The YAADs have all connected on a deeper level that has strengthened our faith in so many ways. My roommate is from Idaho. I never thought I would have anything in common with her except for our age. To my surprise, I love my roommate, Michelle Goff. We stay up late and talk about every aspect of life. It is truly amazing how your faith can be a way to meet courageous and phenomenal people. Applying to be a YAAD was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has deepened my faith and showed me the passion I have for my beliefs.