2019 Per Capita and Basic Mission

December 12, 2018

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

In this season when we celebrate God’s Word becoming flesh in the birth of Jesus, we give thanks for the opportunity to minister alongside you. We appreciate the witness of our congregations as the primary way your neighbors experience what it means to be this distinct part of the body of Christ known as Presbyterian. Our purpose as the Presbytery of Philadelphia is to strengthen your witness, and through our covenant community to provide a much greater proclamation of the gospel than any one congregation could do alone.

Indeed, we see the gift of community as a primary way God’s spirit engages us, not just in empowering the ministry we are called to do in Christ’s name, but also in how we understand God defining that sense of call: We discern and decide in community; and then we engage from across the broad range of the voices, gifts, and experiences within our four counties to embody a diverse and unified expression of the Church which blesses us as it blesses the larger Church and the world.

This year, as we invite a renewed financial commitment between the Presbytery and our congregations, we hope to interpret the unique and related aspects of the per capita and mission budgets in ways your members will value. Click here for a bulletin insert describing the use and distribution of per capita (supporting the infrastructure needed for our discerning and deciding in community) and click here for a brochure for our mission funds (enabling ministry bearing witness to God’s redeeming love in Christ and making disciples both here and around the world). Both of these can be downloaded and shared with your congregations.

Please click here to download and print your 2019 mission commitment pledge form and to indicate your congregation’s intended mission giving to the Presbytery, and through the Presbytery to the Synod and General Assembly.

If you would like one or more of the executive staff to come and share with your session or another group within your congregation, we would be happy to do so. We are excited, humbled, and inspired to be serving in ministry with you in such a time and place as this. We believe your congregational leaders will also be inspired as they learn more about how they are a part of the many good things God is doing in and through us all as the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

As our 300th anniversary reminded us, we have been blessed to come this far together. We are grateful for your faithfulness on the journey. We invite you to prayerfully consider renewing and even strengthening your commitment to our communal witness as together we take the next steps on the journey where God leads.

Peace and Blessings,


Please contact [email protected] for your congregation’s assessed per capita statement (this is based on your 2017 Statistical report).