A Place to Call Home

UGPCLoud praise and singing, joyful thanksgiving and prayer, inspiring preaching and music each helped to consecrate the sanctuary of the United United Ghanaian Community Church in Wyncote this past Sunday.

Their first worship service in their new space on 251 E. Waverly Road (the former First Baptist Church of Glenside) was a celebrated homecoming.  “Having the opportunity to experience the spirit of the United Ghanaian Community Church as we celebrated their new worship space filled me with such joy and hope for the Church of Jesus Christ,” says Executive Presbyter Rev. Ruth Santana-Grace, guest preacher for the celebration.  “The prayers, the singing, the fellowship, the determined leadership of Pastor Kobina…… together make for a contagious witness to the Gospel. What a privilege to have them as part of our covenant life together.”

This congregation began its existence nesting in various churches before finding a home inKobina the former Carmel Presbyterian Church in Melrose.  Rev. Dr. Kobina Ofosu-Donkoh’s vision of providing a church home for Ghanaian folks living in the area blossomed into the first ever Ghanaian Presbyterian congregation in our denomination.  This community has provided a place for Ghanaian Presbyterians to gather and live out their faith since its inception in 1994.  Now, with the consecration of this new building in Wyncote, they have a new place to call home.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is blessed to be a diverse denomination, even while it has struggled to be a place of welcome for all people.  As the Presbytery of Philadelphia, we may rejoice that this Ghanaian Presbyterian congregation is not a sub-tier church or ministry, but a crucial part of “us”.  Let us give thanks to God for the blessing of diversity that reveals the richness of God’s creation and enhances our ability to do ministry in the world today.