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You are invited to add your prayers to the corporate prayers of the people that will be offered during Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia this September. Join the Presbytery leadership as we weave together our personal and corporate prayers alongside the ecumenical church and the interfaith community. The deadline is August 26. Read below for information and details.

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Throughout time and across all cultures a knot has symbolized the struggles of everyday life. In the tradition of Mary Undoer of Knots, a favoriteMary_knot artwork of Pope Francis, Project HOME has commissioned artist Meg Saligman to create a work of public art at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, in honor of the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia in September, 2015.

The artwork is intended to delight and inspire, while making issues of homelessness, poverty and hunger visible during a time of immense national attention. As the hearts and minds of over 2 million people celebrating the Pope;s  visit are open to his message of compassion, the installation will offer an opportunity for all pole around the globe to contemplate, connect and act through the tying and untying of knots for the art installation. This simple act will access a network of possibilities as it gives voice to those in need.

For this project, Meg is inviting people to submit a struggle or prayer. These are written on paper strips and Meg is using them in the creation of a grotto that will be on the grounds of the Cathedral when the Pope baislicaPetePaulis here. He has been invited to go in the grotto and pray for all the struggles/prayers represented on the strips of paper.

The goal of this project is to provide a way for all persons, especially those experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction, and other issues, to share their stories and needs – and for all people to come together to foster hope and community. This is an interfaith event.

Kits are available to groups who are willing to be part of the art installation knot1Meg Saligman is doing. The goal is to get 2,000,000 strips. Each kit contains complete instructions, including a YouTube video explaining the project, the number of strips requested, a sharpie marker and a return address label.

Let’s have a Presbyterian presence as the Pope visits the city of Philadelphia. Learn more about this project and write an individual prayer or request your kit now at: mercyandjustice.org/knots

Click here for a bulletin insert with information and details to share with your congregation:Knots_Info_BI


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