A Prayer from the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

We sigh. We sigh because words cannot express our anguish, our hurt, our despair, knowing that siblings in Ukraine are fleeing their homes for their lives, that the cities and towns that hold memories and culture and history may be destroyed…Please click here to read the full prayer.

A Prayer from Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace:

God of all that breaks into the darkness with hope,

Like the prophets before us – we cry out “How long Lord?” Across land and sea, we have heard the cries of a people calling out for peace and safety.

We are flooded with images of a nation experiencing the impact of launching missiles, roaring tanks, marching boots occupying the land they love.

So we pray for the people of Ukraine.  We pray that the violence of war that has been inflicted upon them come to a rapid halt.

We pray that an insatiable hunger for power not lead to a nuclear confrontation.

We pray for the safety of the children being sheltered by the loving desperation of the adults in their lives.

We pray for all who find themselves in war’s path – that this time of violent upheaval and death might be brief.

We pray that the leaders of Russia, the European nations, the USA and Ukraine might find a way to bring reason, justice and mercy into this senseless conflict.

We pray that the concern for the interests of humanity might outweigh the interests of power and autocracy.

Lord, we stand geographically distant but spiritually close to our siblings in the Ukraine.

May our prayers serve to encourage our Ukrainian siblings across the ocean – reminding them that they are not alone; that our voices join theirs in our outrage for the violation imposed upon them.

God of all that breaks into the darkness with hope, hear our prayers!