Presbyterian Giving Catalog-This is the Time. Give a Gift of Hope Today

MissionGiving 2013MISSION GIVING 2013:  Presbyterians have long believed that the world has no borders when it comes to sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This was evident in the 19th century when the Presbyterian Church’s Board of Foreign Mission sent its first mission workers overseas to proclaim Christ’s good news. Thousands of people came to faith and formed churches that are now our partners in mission. Like our Presbyterian forebears, today’s Presbyterians share a conviction that the love of Christ should be shared with the whole world. That belief has led thousands of US congregations and presbyteries to become directly involved in international mission.

The phenomenon of direct mission involvement does not end the need for mission co-workers and the need to support them with our prayers and financial gifts. Instead, it opens new avenues for cooperation, a new connectionalism that brings together global partners, grassroots Presbyterians and mission co-workers. They form “communities of mission practice” that create nurturing spaces of prayer, discernment, and discipleship.

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