Presbyterian Women Helps Fund New Learning Center for Chester Eastside, Inc.

NEWS from Chester Eastside, Inc.

Chester Eastside, Inc., to have new state-of-the-art learning center, thanks to Presbyterian women’s group.

CHESTER. Education is at the heart of most programs at Chester Eastside, Inc. “We’re in the business, not just of meeting urgent human needs, but of helping the people of this community realize their full potential as well,” says Rev. Bernice Warren, Executive Director of the agency.

Now that mission has received a big boost in the form of a $20,476 grant from the Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The funds will be used to build a computer learning center for youth and adult education programs.

“Without this grant from the Presbyterian Women, it would have been impossible to create the learning center,” according to Rev. Warren. The facility will be located at the agency’s new home, St Paul’s Episcopal Church on East 9th Street, Chester.

Computers have become a must in all kinds of education in this rapidly changing world, and education is the most important means of helping people of all ages fulfill their dreams.

The direct beneficiaries of the new learning center:

  • Children in the After-School and Summer Camp programs, providing everything from tutoring to new life experiences in the wider world.
  • Older youth in the Peace, Leadership, and Cultural Arts Summer Camp, helping young people find constructive ways to deal with conflict, become the leaders of tomorrow, and get in touch with their historic roots.
  • Adults of all ages working to complete their high school education through the GED program. All GED testing is now done by computer.

The hope is that the computer learning center will be up and running by fall of 2015.