Presbytery Grant Recipient Annual Report

Presbytery Grant Recipient Annual Report: 

    (Please check the appropriate grant)
  • Goals and Milestones

  • Briefly restate the goal(s) and objectives of the initiative funded by the grant above.
  • Briefly share about THREE major celebrations of the funded initiative.
  • Briefly describe any unanticipated celebrations and/or struggles of the initiative.
  • Briefly describe, if any, proposed goals and objectives of the funded initiative that were not accomplished according to the initial grant application. Please address perceived rationale for the unmet goal and/or what support may be need to fulfill these dreams for the initiative.
  • Please list any additional support from the Commission on Resources and Communications that could be advantageous to your ministry initiative
  • A significant element of the Commission on Resources and Communications is sharing with the Presbytery and related congregations the ministry activity throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Please email photos, videos, and/or any other related media that can enhance how we can best celebrate what God is doing in and through the funded initiative being reported. Email photos and videos to [email protected] Please make sure all photos are submitted either as a JPEG or PDF in the highest possible resolution.