Regional Commissions

The Presbytery of Philadelphia is organized into four Regional Commissions; Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Each of these Regional Commissions meet at least two times during the year in a church or other location within that region.

The purpose of these Regional Commission meetings will be:

  • Worship, Prayer, Conversation
  • Leadership and Congregational Development
  • Examine for Presbytery Membership and Welcome New Teaching Elders
  • Welcome New Ruling Elders
  • Development of Support Networks for Ruling and Teaching Elders
  • Joint Ministry and Mission as Determined by each Regional Commission
  • Elect Officers
  • Organization

The Regional Commissions will elect and be led by a Convener, Vice Convener, Recording Clerk and Leadership Team (4 members of the Regional Commission) and a Nominating Team (also consists of 4 members of the Regional Commission).