Resources From Conversations on the Southern Border

Invited Organizations and Contact Information

  • First Place, Ardmore Presbyterian Church
  • Anne Conroy, [email protected]; Joanne Poorman, [email protected]; Anne Foote, [email protected]
  • Central Presbyterian Church
  • Gadiel Gomez, [email protected]
  • Carmel Presbyterian Church
  • Ashley Keefer Rossi, [email protected]
  • William A. Stock, Esq., immigration lawyer and member of Abington Presbyterian Church
  • [email protected]
  • New Sanctuary Movement: New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is a faith rooted immigrant justice organization.  We partner with 30 congregations in the Philadelphia area to live out Scripture’s call to love your neighbor and welcome the stranger by accompanying families facing deportation, training people on how to organize for change, and running grassroots campaigns to fight anti-immigrant laws and policies.  In a time of heightened anti-immigrant policies when we see more and more families in Philadelphia being separated, the faith community has an important responsibility to call this country back to the best of who we can be.  We lead different workshops such as Immigration 101, and Know Your Rights.  In our presentation we can also share different ways congregations are standing with their immigrant brothers and sisters and putting their faith into action at this critical time.
  • [email protected]
  • Border Encounter Participants:
  • Randy Barge, [email protected]
  • Vijay Aggarwal, [email protected]
  • Samantha Sale Hudson,
  • Adan Mairena, [email protected]
  • Megan D. Acedo, [email protected]


Video recap of the trip:

Fishbowl conversation from November 19 Presbytery of Philadelphia Meeting:
Immigrant/Refugee Resources: