Responding to Charlottesville: Prayers, Statements, and Worship Resources

Responding to Charlottesville: Prayers, Statements, and Worship Resources

As we continue to pray for the end of hatred manifested in racism, white supremacy, and all forms of bigotry, we share a few statements and prayers in light of what took place in Charlottesville this weekend. We join our voices to theirs, praying, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

PCUSA Leaders Condemn White Supremacy…/pcusa-leaders-condemn-white-suprem…/

Statement from Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, Stated Clerk of the PCUSA…/stated-clerks-statement-are-we-com…/

Prayer written by Jill Duffield, Editor of The Presbyterian Outlook, who joined an interfaith march in the midst of the Charlottesville rally.…/…/prayer-violence-charlottesville/

Prayer and Resources of Support from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

A Prayer from the Streets of Charlottesville from Seminarian Lauren Grubaugh…/

Downloadable PDF of the Bulletin from the PC(USA) live streaming of their chapel service of justice and prayer in response to the racism and White Supremacy in Charlottesville, VA.  Chapel Service of Justice and Prayer

Thank you to Carolyn Winfrey Gillette for sharing this hymn – free for use in worship. It was originally written for churches to use as a response to a KKK rally.