Revisions to the Rules of Discipline

The Rules of Discipline (ROD) Committee Reviewed the proposed revised section of the Book of Order for the Rules of Discipline, and approved it unanimously. Reviewing this section was an enormous task because of the length and complexity of the 3,000 line, 73 page document.

The ROD Task Force worked on these revision for five years. It was tabled at the last General Assembly, so the task force ended up with more time to research and make furthr revisions. The task force did an incredibly thorough job in developing the new ROD. The new section should be clearer and more user friendly.

The ROD Committee members worked well together in politely and appropriately questioning experts, including, Paige McRight, ROD Re-Write Task Force Chair. Through the reading of the document and questioning of experts, it was clear that the new section was very well written and comprehensive.

The new section, to be called, Church Discipline, will have a time limit for reporting allegations of violations of five years from the date of discover (if approved by General Assembly), except in the case of sexual misconduct where there will continue to be no time limit. Church Discipline also addresses pastoral confidentiality where violations must be reported.

I am thankful for the time that I was honored to participate in the ROD Committee. I feel confident that the new Church Discipline section will enhance our ability to be faithful servants.

by Elder Dave Huting, Commissioner to the 225th General Assembly

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