Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church Hosts Memorial to Victims of Gun Violence


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Rhawnhurst_T_Mem1The tragedy of gun violence in Philadelphia demands a Christian response.

Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church is partnering with Heeding God’s Call to host the Memorial to the Lost for the 201 victims of gun violence in Philadelphia in 2013.

As a witness to the value of life Rhawnhurst_T_Mem2and a testimony against such deaths, you are invited to come and experience the memorial.  The name, age, and date of death is printed on each shirt to remember every victim.

The memorial will be present until August 16.  The church is located at 7701 Loretto Avenue.  For more information, visit the church’s website here.  

HeedingGodsCall2Heeding God’s Call helps faith communities organize to publicly pressure local gun stores to adopt a set of practices to deter straw purchasing.

To learn more about Heeding God’s Call, click on their logo.

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