Birthed from a joint mission venture between Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church and Redemption Lutheran Church, Turning Point is “providing a center for youth and young adults where they can learn, grow, serve, and have fun in a safe environment supported by caring volunteers and Christian staff.”

Located on Castor Avenue, Turning Point recently gained its own 501(c)3 status after opening its doors in 2011, and offers programs for youth including homework help, art classes, weekend and summer programs, and a bullying education initiative.

Monies from the Presbytery’s Covenant Fund, along with visionary leadership from Rhawnhurst’s Pastor, Rev. Keith McClain, and the Board have enabled Turning Point to be a beacon of hope and promise where all 6th – 12th graders are welcome.  All programs and classes are offered free of charge.  Members of Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church view Turning Point as their authentic way to be Church in the world, reaching beyond their walls and their membership to show the love and nurture of Christ to their neighbors. Being involved in Turning Point’s inception and on-going ministry has allowed Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church to be more faithfully engaged in its neighborhood, CovCon6JunRhawnTP1reaching people who otherwise would not enter their church building.

Named one of the “Zones of Peace” by the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia in 2012, youth from over 25 different schools attend their programs.  The Presbytery’s Covenant Fund, church contributions, and individual donations enable the ministry to employ a full-time Director, Cheryl Lafferty and two part-time staff members.   Additionally, over 30 volunteers invest their time and energy at Turning Point, the majority of whom 27.

The Homework Help and Drop-In Center is open three days a week providing a quiet placeCovCon6junRhawntp3 to study, internet access, printer capabilities, and help with assignments.
The Summer Arts Program, led by Hoffman Art Program Manager, Dawn Friederich, offers a variety of 6-week courses including drama, knitting, singing, and journalism, taught by educated and experienced volunteers.
The Weekend Program, organized by Andrew Smith, provides different activities for youth such as Bible studies, service outreach projects, and movie nights.

As we celebrate the season of Pentecost and the consecration of the Church, Turning Point is an inspiration to the Presbytery of Philadelphia to venture outward, beyond sanctuary walls.  It is there where we realize the Holy Spirit continues to break down human barriers of language, race, ethnicity, class, and creed, allowing us to understand one another and engage in life-changing and life-giving ministry together in new and creative ways.

To learn more about Rhawnhurst Turning Point, visit their website: www.rhawnhurstturningpoint.com and Facebook Page.