SDOP Grant Awarded to SW Cooking Grease Recycling

Development Grant Awarded to Local Company: SW Cooking Grease Recycling aids environment & hires local young men.

by Ted Behr for Southwest Globe Times, January 23, 2015

SCGR_SDOP_GrantBrian Coltest, Joe Patton, and Daniel Njie, all graduates of Bartram High and joint founders of the Southwest Cooking Grease Recycling company have just been awarded a Self Development of People (SDOP) grant from the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

According to Betsi Moise, the staff coordinator of the SDOP committee at Presbytery, the $5000 grant recognizes that their business plan to collect and process household cooking grease and oils not only fulfills an important environmental need but also enables them to provide employment for up to half a dozen young men from the local community.

Brian and Daniel graduated from Penn State University last year, and Joe expects to graduate shortly. Studying environmental challenges within urban communities at Penn State, the young men came upon a challenging fact – a large portion of home cooking fats and grease are simply poured down kitchen drains or discarded along with garbage and trash.

This wasteful practice not only places a costly burden on our city’s sewage and water systems, it overlooks the fact that grease from homes and small restaurants can be processed into a saleable product.

Under their SCGR business plan, the team of young entrepreneurs provides a free container to homes and small restaurants and based on their clients’ usage, they regularly pick up and recycle their waste oils and grease.

“The Presbytery’s grant will allow us to buy and distribute many more of the containers and also make their collection and processing more efficient,” said Patton. “In due course, we’ll be able to hire more local workers and in that way contribute to the Southwest economy.”

“Our service is 100 percent free, and our clients certainly agree that improving air and water quality is worth the effort,” stressed Njie. To arrange for a free collection bucket and set collection times call the Southwest Cooking Grease Recycling at 215-500-1692 or 215-906-4473 or email them at [email protected]