Again – We Seek to Find Words When the Words Just Can’t Reach

From the Leadership of the Presbytery of Philadelphia

And so again we are thrust upon our knees crying the words of the prophet Habakkuk – How long Lord? How long shall I cry for help and you will not listen? The rhythm of our morning was framed by the news of what now has become the largest mass shooting in our nation’s history. At last count – 58 killed and 515 hurt in Las Vegas as a lone shooter turned the sounds of music into the cries of desperation.
We are again tragically reminded there is no place to hide from the brokenness of humanity. We are again called to rise up from our knees to stand and speak out against the senseless violence that is brought to our attention in this dramatic way – but that exists daily on the streets of our cities and towns.
And so we pray for all whose lives have been altered by this senseless act of terror – for those whose lives have been lost and those who will live with the images and memories – children and adults alike. We pray for their families and friends as they wrestle to make sense of the unimaginable. We pray for all those who courageously served as human sanctuaries of shelter as they helped those in the mayhem. We pray that we too might be used as vessels for the peace of Christ in this world. And so we pray, not knowing the words to say – because our words just can’t reach. And so we cry – How long Lord?