Clerks of the Session and Congregations

Statistics Reports and information

Clerks Annual Questionnaire (CAQ): As of January 2021 the CAQ will no longer be published.  In its place are shorter periodic themed surveys.  For example, in a couple of weeks a short survey about interest in loans (PILP) and online financial services (Foundation) will be sent. There are about 8 or 9 possible questions. These shorter surveys were requested by Clerks of Session. We are trying to listen and honor their requests.

Session Records Reading:

Session records can be read at any time during the year. Just note for records to be reported in the November Stated Meeting will need to be read by November 1st. The Stated Clerk’s office offers a variety of ways to get the church records reviewed:

  • Via ZOOM at anytime-contact Betsi Moise to schedule a time
  • Meeting with another clerk to exchange records
  • Meet at the Presbytery office or your church with Betsi Moise.


Our forms have been updated be used for any given year. Just fill in the year being reviewed and the year the records are reviewed.

Green and Yellow forms you can fill in electronically:

Printable forms:

Keeping your church records electronically: Click here for an excel workbook to record registers and minutes (designed by the Presbyterian Historical Society)

Other resources

Here are samples of By-Laws and a Manual of Operations with guidelines. These can be used as templates for churches. You will note that there are some areas that are still using the term “inactive members”, but as we live into the new form of government, this will be replaced by “other participants”. We have included a sample of By-laws and the Manual together, as many churches keep both of these documents together.

To help Clerks of Session in their job of telling the church story, here is our most current Manual for Clerks of Session.