Surprising Connections by Brenton Thompson, GA221


The past has a surprising way of catching up with you. GA is such a place of connection for Presbyterians and many paths continue to cross every time we gather. While in Committee 10 – Civil Unions & Marriage, my past came rushing back. There, advising the committee was Julie MacLemore Wells. To most people she’s just a member of the Advisory Committee on the Constitution, but to me she was the woman who presented me for baptism, on behalf of the session at Southminster Presbyterian Church of Missouri City, TX.

I was nine-years-old when I was baptized. I still remember that experience, and there she was speaking before the committee. During a break I went up to her and told her who I was, and we nearly broke into tears. Here I am, now a Teaching Elder and here is Julie, the Elder who participated in one of my cherished faith experiences, together again.

Our church is a connectional church; though Julie’s and my paths have not crossed in over twenty years, yet again, through the work of the church we reconnect. The relationships we make are not temporary but are ongoing and constantly crossing. We make connections and it’s the Spirit that gives those connections legs. As I continue throughout the week, I will hold and cherish the hug I shared with Julie reaffirming the interconnectedness we find with each other in Jesus Christ.