Celebrating 10 Years of Funding New Initiatives
  • Community Connection Hub, Beacon Church: Creating space for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with one another and foster intersectional community through the arts, learning, and faith formation;
  • Chaplaincy Program, Broad Street Ministry: Extending pastoral care to nearly 7,000 Philadelphia residents experiencing homelessness, food and employment insecurity, and other vulnerabilities;
  • They L.E.A.D, Cedar Park Presbyterian Church: Discipling and empowering African-American youth with vital skills for community, entrepreneurial, and congregational leadership
  • Alternative Worship Space and Community, Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church: Imagining new expressions of worship and extensions of welcome to neighbors who have yet to connect to a faith community;
  • Caring Community House, Oak Lane Presbyterian Church: Providing a structured and safe environment for children, youth, and seniors to engage in local enrichment programs with local community partners;
  • Camp Phoenix, T.M. Thomas Presbyterian Church and Chester Eastside, Inc.: Serving under-resourced youth and families through recreational activities, STEM curriculum, creative arts, and nutrition programs; 
  • Forward Step Ministry/ESL, Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church: Walking alongside new arrivals and the local immigrant community to improve speech, writing, reading, and listening comprehension;
  • Community Cupboard, Valley Forge Presbyterian Church: Working with community partners to build a food pantry and address the needs of local neighbors experiencing food insecurity;
  • Tiny Houses, Welcome Church: Collaborating with the City of Philadelphia to create safe and secure housing to alleviate homelessness and foster intentional community among vulnerable neighbors in Philadelphia;
  • Building Bridges Mentoring Program, West Kensington Ministry: Equipping leaders to become mentors alongside at-risk youth in their neighborhood who are vulnerable to the school-to-prison pipeline;
  • Wissahickon Presbyterian Church: creating a collaborative co-working space alongside local businesses as they extend hospitality and community to local neighbors that revitalizes their gospel witness.

2018 Marks the 10th Anniversary of The Covenant Fund Grant Program of the Presbytery.

The Covenant Fund Program launches annually each spring, uses dollars from restricted funds to spark new initiatives and collaborative ministries that benefit the communities surrounding our churches. Recipients of these grants have birthed new worshipping communities, launched social enterprises, hosted leadership development opportunities, constructed art studios for children, sustained hunger programs, and developed ESL ministries in diverse neighborhoods.


  • 11 Covenant Fund Grants Awarded
  • 13 Varied Gospel Intersections of Ministry
  • All 4 Regions of the Presbytery Represented

Gospel Intersections of Ministry Among the Awards: