The Welcome Church Collection Request for our November 2019 Presbytery Meeting

Every Monday, The Welcome Church gathers for Teatime in the building of Arch Street United Methodist Church at Broad & Arch Streets in Philadelphia, offering welcome, hospitality, and a chance to just sit down and be quiet or to talk, to anyone who would like to come in.

On Tuesday, The Welcome Church holds Bible Study at 21st & Sansom (Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion), and our gathering includes a Welcome Table, on which there is always going to be tea and coffee, and food contributions are welcome and received from all kinds of people, who join our gathering. Most weeks, that is close to 50 people enjoying tea and coffee on Mondays at Teatime and easily 50 people joining together on Tuesdays at Bible Study!

The Welcome Church is a congregation made up predominantly by people who are experiencing chronic street homelessness. The Welcome Church is a congregation in development in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and is recognized as a community ministry, in the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

We welcome and celebrate the gifts of all who come. All are invited to share, in the life of the Church! We think it is wonderful that the Presbytery of Philadelphia might like to collect things like Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, and Tea, for Teatime and gatherings of The Welcome Church!

Here are some suggestions of what might be helpful for people to bring (to a collection at the November Presbytery Meeting):
  1. Caffeinated Roast Ground Coffee (approximately 30-40 oz. size canisters)
  2. Tea Bags, both herbal & black (in whatever is your favorite flavor!)
  3. Powdered Non-Dairy Creamer; plain and/or flavors welcome (vanilla or other “seasonal” flavors)
  4. 4-lb. Bag(s) of Granulated Sugar