Together Making an Impact in Our Communities
Together Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

Dear Companions on the Journey,

The peace of Christ be with you. May the new life and hope of this Pentecost season continue to be reflected in your faithful witness as the Church of Jesus Christ. As we reflect on where we are today, we are so grateful for the many ways that you – our larger community of faith – have risen to the many challenges of the past few years. We have seen boundless energy from our congregations as you embody the values of the Gospel by: maintaining a vital presence in your community as you gather for worship and fellowship; embracing the stranger as you resist racism and all “isms” that keep us from acknowledging one another as children of God; responding to the needs of others as you assist those experiencing hunger and homelessness; and finding ways to be a responsive presence in the midst of growing violence and natural disasters.

As you faithfully respond to these realities, your presbytery leadership – made up of the leaders of our congregations and ministries – has birthed initiatives that have provided financial, vocational, and spiritual support to our churches. We have come alongside our congregations by: providing capital improvement grants and loans to assist with church property challenges; financially assisting many churches to upgrade their technical capabilities expanding livestream worship; funding creative ministries through Covenant Fund grants; supporting initiatives for leadership, compassion, and peacemaking through Great Ends grants; investing dollars in public witness in the face of crises and violence; equipping our leaders – both Ruling Elders and Ministers of Word and Sacrament – through our Ministry and Leadership Incubator; and leveraging dollars with a focus on our smaller congregations to affirm and strengthen their witness.

Many of these ministry initiatives are made possible because of the contributions we receive through Shared Mission. Shared Mission is more than simply providing direct giving to our ministry partners. It allows us to equip and strengthen one another so more concrete, hands-on ministry can be done. Your unrestricted gifts to Shared Mission allow for the Church to respond when and where it is needed most, supporting all presbytery ministries and initiatives, inclusive of strategic planning and staffing.

As we look to our future, we need your help to continue to be a relevant Gospel presence as a larger community of faith in the greater Philadelphia area. If you have never before contributed to our Shared Mission, we truly hope you will prayerfully consider making it part of your church budget this year. Enclosed is information on how Shared Mission funds are distributed along with an updated 2023 Mission Remittance form.

Friends, we’ve been called together for a time such as this – and it is together that we will continue to make an impact on behalf of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We ask for your continued prayers as we continue to pray for you.

Blessings and thank you for your consideration and generosity. Feel free to reach out to one of us, or our Director of Business Administration, Jim Wagner ( or 215-242-1301) with any questions.