Warminster Presbyterian assisted homeowners impacted by Super-storm Sandy

Warm PDA Cropped 1Mission Trip 2013 by Rita Geddes

The WPC Outreach Committee Sponsored its annual Mission Trip to Bayville, New Jersey in early July. Through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and the Bucket Brigade, WPC volunteers assisted homeowners who were impacted by Super-storm Sandy in October 2012.

Nine months after the devastating storm ravaged the area, thousands of homeowners in New Jersey remain displaced. While many businesses have reopened, without the residents in their homes to support them, they are struggling to remain afloat.

On our first day, we drove down the coast from Belmar to Seaside Heights. The more Warm pda 2affluent towns of Belmar and Spring Lake show significantly more signs of recovery that the “working class” towns to the south. In Toms River, for example, at first glance from the street many of the homes look undamaged or repaired. When you look at them from the back, however, most houses are still gutted and in various stages of repair. These conditions exist all the way up the NJ coast to the New York border.

Our group was housed in the Morning Star Presbyterian Church in Bayville, NJ, where members had come together and worked to provide clean rooms, ample kitchen space, and full bathrooms. As always, the showers were much appreciated.