We Are Moving Forward!

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Pentecost 1Last Sunday the Church of Jesus Christ celebrated the Feast of Pentecost. We celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit to the twelve disciples. We remembered the birth-day of the Church of Jesus Christ, not as an institution to which those scared and anxious disciples could cling, but as the Body of Christ, the community that was promised, formed and fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Friends, it is Pentecost in the Presbytery of Philadelphia, and we are setting out to do a new thing. We are moving forward not as scared and anxious disciples clinging to something, but as the Body of Christ, Presbyterians in Philadelphia, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to form and fuel us for ministry in our time and our place.

The Northwest Regional Commission will meet for the first time on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 3pm at Oxford Presbyterian Church. This is part of the new design for the Presbytery. We will meet three times each year as a regional commission and three times a year as a whole Presbytery. We hope these smaller regional gatherings will give us time to deepen the relationships between pastors and congregations so that we can more fully share our gifts for the common good.

We will begin our gathering with worship. We will sing with one another and pray for one another before we move into a brief business meeting. Our work during this portion of the meeting will be to get to know the congregations in our region and begin to discern our common call. Finally, we will head outside (weather-permitting) for a picnic. Our friends at Oxford Presbyterian Church have offered to put up the tents and fire-up the grill. You are invited to bring a dish or a dessert so that we can turn this meeting into a feast!

Because this is our first meeting, we don’t know exactly how many to expect. Please RSVP for the picnic by contacting me at [email protected] If you are a minister and would like to be excused, please email our Recording Clerk, Bob Schmidt at [email protected]

We look forward to this new season in the Spirit!
Grace & peace,
Rev. Katherine Rick-Miller, NW Convener
Northwest Leadership Team:
Julie McDonald ● Cheryl Pyrch ● Bob Schmidt ● Ethelyn Taylor ● Laura Visco
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