West Kensington & Gladwyne Collecting Warm Clothing for Asylum Seekers

West Kensington Ministry and Gladwyne, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Emergency Management and New Sanctuary Movement, are collecting items for new refugees arriving in Philadelphia.

**December 16 Update: Two more buses have arrived with 88 additional refugees and the urgent need is for WINTER BOOTS AND HEAVY SHOES.**

Additional items that are needed:

  • Winter Boots and heavy shoes
  • sweat pants
  • sweaters
  • socks
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • hats
  • underwear

All sizes are welcome and anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Drop off donations can be made at both West Kensington Ministry and Gladwyne Presbyterian Church. To arrange a drop-off time, please contact Rev. Todd Stavrakos at 267.251.0459 | pastortoddgpc@comcast.net Rev. Adan Mairena at 267.879.6310 |  adan@westkensingtonministry.com

The Presbytery is in the process of creating plans to continue to meet the needs of asylum seekers and displaced persons.